Animated GIFs in i-mode, examples (pixel size, Bytes):
NEC N 27i displays 120×160 pixel, width×height, much slower than a PC.
For MMS and T68 see (HTML site)
my daughter Carla, 101×80, 36kB
little letterbox, 88×32, 8kB
watchful man, 24×29, 2kB
walking man, 188×294, 15kB
running dog, 200×35, 13kB
beating heart, 52×49, 2kB
kissing mouth, 132×70, 9kB
teeth, 142×81, 17683B
twinkling eye, 66×77, 11kB
twinkling eye, 131×153, 45kB
humming birds, 120×90 for T68, 22kB
running elk, 64×88, 17kB
undress top, 65×77, 67kB
undress top, 65×77>130×154, 67kB
boxing girl, 150×150, 43235B
red girl, 72×120, 38325B
strip, 69×108, 14912B
running girl, 140×85, 40704B
«enter», 100×80, 8137B
US flag, 161×90, 33183B
legs, 204×69, 21833B
All work in German E-Plus network on NEC N 21i.
(Some thanks to HTML sites, (maily graphics), etc.)
GIFs are OK to get via i-mode, wap or web,
but not via e-mail (i-mail).
I-mail attatchements are transmitted – taking time – but not displayed.
Non tested i-GIF specs (HTML site)
Here more about i-mail (HTML site)
i-tricks for site builders
do-it-youself: animated gifs (HTML site)
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