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Setting the

Imazine ION Sport Digital Wrist Watch by Gotop

Produced in Dongguan, province of Guangdong, China, also known as:
Imazine Tourmaline power Minus ion Healthy Sports Watch,
Minus Ion Sports Watch,
Gotop SW301,
Silicone Wristband Watch,
Silicone Sports Watch,
Anion Sports Watch,
Imagine Sports Watch (wrong spelling),
or just as ION Sport Watch LK-8YP001 (blue), LK-8YP002 (grey), LK-8YP003 (yellow), LK-8YP004 (white), LK-8YP005 (pink), etc. –


How I found it in the web? Googeling for orologio sport hello digitale gomma.
Imazine Sport Ion Watch

Resale prices often are pure fantasy, as you get them in quantities of at least thousand for 40 to 50 US-cents a piece FOB Shenzhen, see Available in 17 colors and more.

KIdp logo

Design by Jupiter, Korea; design price 2005 by KIDP (Korean Institute of Design Promotion); certified CE and RoHS. The manufacturer is ultra fast in his e-mail replies and specifies that he can “match any PMS color”, deliver samples in two days and then up to five thousand a day or ten thousand in seven days. (Just look at their procuct catalogue!)

Here some “original” descriptions:

“This anion watch is hot in Both Korea and Japanatches, and it has two-in-one function: watch, and decoration wrist strap. · Ultra Light Sports Watch (10 gram)
· 1 ATM Water Resistance [that’s 10 meters under water. fj]
· Minus ion (above 1900 ions [/cm³])
· Far Infrared Ray (above 90%)[above what?]
· HQ silicone rubber is no harm to skin
· Design elasticity to fit any wrist, 17CM circumference (all code)
· Original retail packing with Users Guide, NOT simple plastic bag!
· Watches can display the month, date, hour and minute” (source

“The Silicone Wristband Watch is made by silicone material with Anion. IMAZINE brand. It’s water proof and shock proof. And the weight is only 10 g. Titanium Sports Watch can protect the UV Rays, relax your muscles, increase your blood circulation etc. This Sports watch is the best bracelet decoration while you’re climbing, swimming, other sports outside. Functions:
· Stimulate blood circulation and metabolism
· Relax and refresh the body
· Negative ion (anion) emittance (800 ~ 2000 ions per CC [= cm³])
· Far infrared ray emittance (more than 90%)
· Ten meters water resistance [Don’t try it too long. fj]
· Ultra light weight (10 g only)
· Digital watch function with LCD display
· Various styles and colors are available
· Stylish looking customers’ design is highly welcome
· Logo and models can be customized according to requirement
· Sizes available: 6.5 × 16 cm; 7.5 × 17 cm; 8.5 × 18 cm; 9.5 × 19 cm” (source Imazine Sport Ion Watch

Now – How to Set It?

On the rear you’ll find two buttons:
· one more in the middle, let’s call it “A” as seen in the AM imprint,
· one more towards the bracelet, on the outside, named “M”.
• A is to change mode
• M is to set details
You can set the watch to display
· hour and minute, with “Hello” blinking every second
· month and day (month on top, bigger than day, not very sensible), without any “Hello”
· changing between hour—minute and month—day
· just the current second (constant “Hello”, second below)
There must be 24 hour versions available, but I haven’t seen any. And sorry: You cannot switch an AM-PM-watch to display 24 hours. Imazine Sport Ion Watch

To set the display mode
• press M
» you get the seconds-only mode
• press M
» you get the hour–minute mode with blinking “Hello”
• press M
» you see month and day for a short time, then hour and minute (not very practical)
• press A
» you get the changing mode between time and date

To set the clock
• press A twice (once: month and day are displayed for a short time)
» you see the month (large, top number),
· press M to advance the month by one from 1—12
• press A
» you see the day of the month (small),
· press M to set to 1—31
• press A
» you see the hour, large, on top, “Hello” blinks, and a small A or P (for AM or PM) below
· press M until both the hour and the part of day (AM or PM) are right. Setting the right part of day is important for the correct date function!
• press A
» you see the minute
· press M
» to set the minute from 00—59
• press A to end the setting process Imazine Sport Ion Watch
PS: Before I forget – It is not recommended to set the clock while under water …

To change the battery
The battery is a SR6265W, often named 377 (see cross reference). That’s a round silver oxide cell, diameter 6.8 mm, height 2.6 mm, for a nominal 1.55 V. To change it, take out the clock­works – as seen in the picture – and continue by carefully unscrewing the four screws. Before you remove the old battery (which should last a year or more), remember the way it’s in there (+ und - should not be mixed up).

Imazine Sport Ion Watch, openedIn the picture at the right you see the opened “clock­works”: to the left the cover with the black rubber sea­ling, at the right the fully opera­tive watch with a ca­pa­ci­tor (I think to buffer the DC voltage), the battery and the two contact fields for the buttons. You can bridge them with a metallic tool like a screw­driver and thus activate the buttons. Nor­mally the two black rubber pins will do that when pressed. Their black side, visible in the picture, is elec­trically con­ductive.

Good luck. Let me know if this was useful. Fritz Jörn

Further tips (mostly German)

And now please enjoy the original leaflet
Original Imzine Watch Instructions